AdSense Alternatives of 2023 

 Here we give you Best Google AdSense alternatives with cons of AdSense and Benefits of AdSense ?

Undoubtedly  when we think about making money from your blog or site and any type of websites , our first choice is Google AdSense with that place ad on your site or blog other adsense alternatives come aftter this.

Without any doubt Google AdSense is the number one advertising platform  with which anyone can monetize your site or blog with many types of advertising slots just like CPM(cost per 1000 impressions), CPA(cost per action), and CPC(cost per click).

Advertising is the first choice for most blogs or site to make money till they have not find any other ways of earning.

On Google AdSense platform you can check every month what you are getting paid. And that is great for getting paid for your website work.

And what will you do ?

When your AdSense account gets fridge , banned or shut off ?

You have to plan some extra income source from your website until your AdSense account will not go green. So it’s a wise idea to plan a Plan B to Google AdSense.

If you search , there are many AdSense alternatives available on ad world  that can help you  expand and maximize your website income .

You might also prefer less rigorous guidelines and more customization options than you’re currently getting with Google ads. That’s why I curated a list of the best AdSense alternatives.

What to Look for in an AdSense Alternative?

AdSense is still the largest single ad network. But there are plenty of potential reasons for you to consider switching to an AdSense alternative.

Make sure to look out for these features before you pick an AdSense alternative:

  •  Better profit margin-  Google AdSense gives very low revenue share to publishers only 68% rest take themself thats why thinking switch to another Google alternative adSense to another adSense platforms.
  • These new  alternative adSense give better revenue sharing schemes with them to maximize our site earning. .  
  • Tailor made Customization Options– These adSense alternatives provide better Ad customization options that allow us advertisers to alter a PPC ad to better align with our target audience.
  • This type of ad customization options provide the best customer experience to your site without annoying ads.
  • Withdrawal limit – As you know  In this feature you have to minimum amount before withdrawing your cash on AdSense. Minimum Withdrawal limit is $100 on Google AdSense, which is higher for small audience based bloggers.
  • Targeted Ads to your target audience– we want adSense to place ads on your site or Blogs  to site’s content.
  • This type of Targeted ads will improve our CPC(click-through)  and higher conversion rate. We know if your target audience sees an adds that somethings 
  • Ad with r Everybody  wants your advertising network to place ads on your website according to your content.
  • Because this will improve our CPC(click-through) and conversion rate. We know if a your site visitor sees an ads for something they want to buy, they are a possibility to click.

1.Media.Net :Best allrounder AdSense alternatives is one of the best AdSense alternatives in terms of contextual advertising platform and it is powered by Yahoo ! Bing network. partners with some of the leading ad networks like Forbes,msn, CNN,REUTERS and many more and that is why it is the best AdSense alternatives.

Because it’s a “contextual Ad Network” places ads on your website that are highly relevant to display page keywords. Contextual Ad Network keeps aside irrelevant or salesy ads on your site.

You don’t need to hire a developer in conjunction with AdSense because it has all of the ad formats for customer’s needs.

Here are all of the ad formats you can active with

  • Contextual ads -In Contextual advertising uses various factors to determine which content is most relevant to users when placing an ad. It targets potential customers by relying on context such as the content of a webpage, location or weather.
  • Outstream video ads-  .
  • In-read native ads (these ads adjust  with the look and feel of the web page, making them appear more natural).
  • And standard ad units, including Leaderboard (728×90), medium rectangle (300×250), rectangle (180×150), small skyscrapers (120×600), and wide skyscrapers (160×600).

You can even customize the size and design of the ads if you don’t want an automatic ad place on your site.

Placing all of these ads is also straightforward. Just copy and paste a simple snippet of ad code – no additional code or integration work is necessary.

Key Features:

  • Auto-pilot mode Ad-Placement– you haven’t to worry about ad-placement  . you have to just leave everything on auto-pilot mode , all ad-placement specialists take control of your ad-placement customization according to your websites.
  • Real-Time Performance Tracking –  Check the performance of your sites ad in real-time. This type control panel helps us  monitor metrics like ad impressions, fill rate, income generated by sites, tags, geographical location, etc.
  • Single Account, Unlimited Sites – You can get approved and manage ad units for unlimited sites on a single account.

However, you need to meet specific requirements to meet’s approval terms. Approval Requirements:

  • Your website should be navigation-friendly and have plagiarism-free content.
  • Most of your traffic should be from the US / UK / Canada.
  • Your content should be in the English language primarily.
  • You should receive reasonable monthly traffic.
  • The website/blog shouldn’t contain excessive advertising units.

They usually take anywhere between 2-7 days to approve your website.

2.AdThrive:  Best for regular ad quality monitoring.

AdSense alternatives

AdThrive handle everything related to the ads on your site so you can focus on creating incredible content while enjoying the passive income.

There are a lot of ad providers who can place ads on your site and cut you a check each month, but when you join AdThrive you get:

AdThrive is an ad management and ad placement network since 1993 first-of-its-kind service. For those who have significant website traffic AdThrive become one of best AdSense alternatives .

AdThrive give you the best solution to monetize your videos with provides free video hosting.

What are the most significant selling points of AdThrive  ?

They manage everything in the sense of optimal ad placement with design of your ad layouts, handle the most of tech, place the bids and most of time optimize your ad placement.

One of their most significant selling points is that they manage everything and help you with the most optimal ad placement. They will design your ad layouts, handle the tech, place the bids, and constantly optimize your ad placement.

The best part of AdThrives is that they place ads based on your website reader’s behavior or site layout or target traffic.

AdThrive’s ad formats include:

  • Header Ad
  • Sidebar Ad
  • Sticky Sidebar Ad
  • Content Ad
  • Recipe Ad
  • Sticky Footer Ad
  • Video Ads
  • Native Shopping Ads

They give conservative filter setting that will insure you to all ads place on site are family-friendly, if something spammy or objectionable ads gets in , they quickly block that server.

Key Features:

  • Google Certified Publishing Partner It means you can have peace of mind that our ad optimization, policies, financials, business practices and ad layouts are Google-approved and thoroughly vetted.
  • We work closely with Google to make sure your ads are up to date with their current and future policies to keep your business and income safe for the future.
  • Ongoing Monitoring – Constant ad placement monitoring by AdThrive’s ad manager ensures that you stay updated with the changing policies and trends.
  • In-depth Revenue Insights – The admin area lets you monitor daily ad performance, RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) for best-performing web pages, etc.

AdThrive Approval Requirements:

  • Your site should have an up and running Google Analytics and a minimum of 100,000 monthly pageviews.
  • Majority of your traffic is from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand.
  • There shouldn’t be any record of past advertising infringement.
  • Your site should be secure (HTTPS).
  • Content on the site should be high-quality, unique, and engaging.

AdThrive Payment Structure:

They have a 25:75 revenue share model. This means you get to take 75% of your total revenue home while they take the 25% cut.

Minimum Payout Threshold:

The minimum payout is $25 ($100 for wire transfers) via direct deposit and PayPal – a far cry from AdSense’s and Media.Net’s $100 minimum threshold. They also pay on a net-45 schedule (45 days after the end of each month).

3.Mediavine : Best for  all type lifestyle bloggers with a considerable audience base.

mediavine  best adsense alternatives

Mediavine is a full-service ad management network that provides full support to bloggers to monetize their blogs.

They  leverage heat mapping technology to best placement ads to maximize your profit. That’s why it naturally became a choice for my AdSense alternatives list.

Mediavine is actually founded by content creators,for content creators, thats by their goal is to provide the best possible user experience and maximize your earnings,with full transparency.

In comparison to AdSense , you can possibly double on every 1000 pageviews .It is possible because they give ads spot to the highest bidding advertiser..They generate Google’s network in their inventory.

They also provide you with 24/7 customer support, and everything gets managed by their professional  team – beginning from ad placement to optimization.

As possible, their ads are relevant to your target audience and according to content you created.

Mediavine Approval Requirements:

  • They only approve blogs that have at least 50,000 monthly pageviews (per Google Analytics).
  • Original and high-quality content in any lifestyle niche (fashion, world travel, DIY, personal finance, and many more).
  • Long-form and engaging content.
  • Your Google AdSense account should be in good standing.

Note that your application will get strictly reviewed by the Mediavine Publisher Support team and their top third-party advertising partners.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Ad Tech – They leverage “lazy loading” to ensure that the ads don’t slow down your web pages.
  • Highly user-friendly dashboard – Their user-friendly dashboard lets you control your ads and earnings. You can upload videos, monitor your RPM, top posts, and more.
  • Ad Reporting Button – Every ad unit has an ad reporting button that your viewers can use to control their reading experience.

Mediavine Payment Structure:

Just like AdThrive, Mediavine also gives 75% of the revenue share to bloggers. Other than that, you can’t pinpoint the exact Mediavine RPM. The final figure will depend on your niche, on-page RPM optimization strategies, etc.

Minimum Payout Threshold:

The minimum payout ACH – International is $200 and $25 for ACH – US. You can also withdraw a minimum amount of $25 via PayPal and Wire Transfer.

4.PropellerAds: Best for Popunders

propellerAds (adsence alternatives)

PropellerAds is a new fast-growing ad platform that provides great opportunities to monetize your websites. Best parts for it are available for new and old websites.

PropellerAds are popular for popunder ads, which does not harm sites lock and feel because ad load behind the current browser window, ads display after window is closed.

Sometimes you think popunders are too aggressive for your blog, they also provide other targeted and non-targeted ad options that are available for desktop, native ads, banners ads, and video ads, notification ad.

They also serve mobile sites and application software and offers push notification ad type for all channels.

PropellerAds is accessible to well established sites, but it is equally good for new blogs sites.

They don’t put any site traffic limitation, your account is instantly activated after creation and the minimum payout threshold is only $5 through PayPal.  These payouts occur monthly.

Best for: Both new and established websites that want to add popunder ads and other non-targeted ads.

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