How to Sell on Facebook (Best Guide for 2023)

How to Sell on Facebook ( Best Guide for 2023)

How to sell on Facebook

If you can learn “how to sell on Facebook” professionally, you can generate passive income sources or increase your e-commerce businesses reach substantially.

No need for the introduction of Facebook. Most of us know facebook makes a long journey to the present position. Do you know the average user spends more than 40 minutes every day on Facebook?

So now think of a possible audience for selling on Facebook.

You and I also now buy products online across different platforms like Instagram, e-commerce ,Amazon, Facebook or more platform. Today’s consumers are becoming more omnichannel.


How to Sell on Facebook – Your Step-By-Step Guide.

sell on facebook marketplace

1. Select your Physical Products.

You know every platform has some guidelines to what you can sell or not.

Yes ! Facebook has some limitations to what you can sell on Facebook. That is very simple and clear guidelines –  it has to be a physical product.

But every product will need to go through an approval process before they go live in your Facebook store. To be clear that digital products like eBooks or services like social media management aren’t an option.

If you’re not sure what to sell,this is a great resource for product ideas.

2. Facebook Business Basics

If you’re in a hurry to start a store on Facebook. You need to approach your new Facebook store like a true professional.

You will face some of the established brands, but you can take an edge with personal touch that you can add to your new Facebook store.

First, you need to create a business plan that outlines your goals for your products and store. It could be naming your products, branding, and products’s pricing on Facebook.

For your business plan, you can add a blog that gives you additional promotion advantages.

Facebook charges a 5% selling fee for each transaction, so price your products with that extra cost added in your budget.

Do some research on the prices of your competitors or your products price range on Facebook.This will help you understand the price that will lead to the most sales on your store.

3. Get Your Products Ready to Sell on Facebook.

your products

First ,it takes time to prepare a product for sale, before it goes online, you get ready for everything.Write a 150 character description of your business and your products. Write an “About Us” description of your new business.

For display products, take some great pictures of your products. You’ll need to shoot your product on a white background for clarity and your all products shoot multiple angles. Must write an “About Us “ description of your new online business.

You’ll also want to take some pictures or shoot videos of your products in real-life situations. Add these to your feed with captions that tell a story and describe the experience of using the product.

Remember, most people are on Facebook to connect with family and friends. Keep this in mind as you promote your products to keep your new business from feeling intrusive.

4. Create Your Facebook Business Page.

facebook business page

When everything is ready, it’s time to create your Facebook Business page. Now you think what do you need for a Facebook Business page ?

Well ! your Facebook Business page will be going to direct communication links about your business. This   place became a showcase where customers can shop for your products.

You need to prepare some content in advance before you launch your business page because it helps you to start marketing your products very early stage.

There are a few requirements from Facebook before you move to the next steps for selling on Facebook:

  • Accept and review Facebook’s Merchant Terms
  • Link to a valid bank account
  • Have a tax identification number

You’ll also need to share your email address and phone number so customers know how to get in touch. Write out how you plan to handle:
Customer service, including the hours you’ll be available to answer questions

  • Your privacy policy
  • Shipping rates
  • Delivery and return times

There are multiple options for selling once your Facebook business page is ready. The first option is the Facebook Marketplace.

Simple tips for “ how to sell on Facebook Marketplace”

1. Do Your Research

This is the most important part of your business. You must research your product before listing your items. Search on Facebook Marketplace and see what people near you are selling and what prices they’re asking for.

You need to look at your competition and determine the market demand. After this research, you are able to differentiate yourself and your product. It very helpful if there are several other, similar items for sale

2. Price It Right

Today’s market is very competitive. During your research parts, pay special attention to what people are charging for products similar to your and price your products to stay competitive. You have to search the right balance for price and profit. If your price is too low, your profit will be down . if your price is too high, then you won’t get as much interest  and here also your profit going to downward.

3. Don’t Get Attached

It’s human nature to ask for discounts , so you don’t show any kind of irritation or some kind of offense when someone wants to bargain. Your need to remember that your goal is to part with the product. Don’t focus on making any kind of profit, focus on how to increase the number of sales you make the biggest profit possible.

4. Make Your Work Look Good

Naturally , you put time,effort, and money into your listing product, but if that’s not highlighted in your photos, it does matter for you.

So, good photography is very important. Your first goal is make sure your product picture stands out from all the rest. A good picture speaks thousand itself. You want people to stop on your display photo when they’re scrolling through Marketplace. This is the best way to draw your customer’s attention.

How to Sell on the Facebook Marketplace.

market place

The facebook Marketplace is similar to the popular Craigslist or eBay platform with advantage of social media network’s 2.7 billion monthly active users.

You know Facebook gives us added benefit to connecting with friends and friends of their friends instead of strangers.

On Facebook marketplace, you’re able to buy or sell new or pre-owned items. Best part of this platform is that there’s no shopping cart or fees.

Facebook marketplace is a new kind of e-commerce business to make sales and take advantage of huge locally available customers connected with Facebook users.

Facebook doesn’t  have any role in the payment or delivery of products.

The Facebook Marketplace is similar to the popular Craigslist platform in many ways. Facebook offers the added benefit of connecting to friends and friends of friends instead of strangers. If you’re not ready to open a physical store or run a full time online business, then this is an ideal place for you to start selling.

You post your products and within a minute, your listed product is available to the local community ready to buy what you’re selling. Because you sell to the local community, it is easy to get in touch if they want to make a purchase.

1. Post Your Product Information.

To help your potential customers, you create your posts, add every detail in this including brand names, sizes, dimensions, and what condition for your products . if you mention why you’re selling. This is a personal platform and you know personal stories can help you sell on Facebook.

It’s easy to post a product to the Facebook Marketplace. From your feed, click Marketplace on the left-hand navigation. From there, click the Sell Something button and select a category. Then, add your product description, pricing, general location, and images.

Your product listing will live in the Marketplace section of your Facebook business page and you can make edits to your post from there.

2. Check your privacy settings

privacy setting

Once you start selling online you may be talking to strangers, so it’s a recommendation to everyone to double-check your Facebook privacy setting.

Go to “Settings”, then “Privacy.” Click the padlock and use Facebook’s privacy check-up tool to make sure that the audience of your posts looks right to you.

3. Close the Sale.

If you want to make money on Facebook Marketplace, make yourself available to potential customers. Answer every question calmly and quickly.

You may consider adjusting your offer if a product isn’t selling as fast you’d like. Make sure to select a safe and public place to hand over your sold products.

 Main Advantage of Selling on Facebook Marketplace

1. Facebook Marketplace Is more Trustworthy than Other Platforms

If you use Craigslist, you can pretend to be anyone, and you notice there isn’t much more option to buyers and sellers to check out those scammers.

This type of business practice makes Craigslist “ untrustworthy “ because of a lack of accountability and transparency.

On the other hand Facebook Marketplace, there is a multiple layer of trust. Like each buyer and sellers must connect with a Facebook account.

With Facebook account, you have option to snoop and double-check the person is “real” by

  • Looking at profiles
  • Checking how long the account has been active on Facebook
  • Seeing previous Marketplace activity
  • Reporting any suspicious sellers and buyers

While it’s no guarantee Facebook Marketplace is scam-free.

2. Free to List an Item

What is the best part of Facebook Marketplace ?

To use this platform, you don’t need to pay a single cent. It’s totally free to create a Facebook personal account or business page and alse free to list your products.

On the other platforms they have charge :

  • Non-refundable listing deposits
  • Insertion fees
  • Final value fees

 It’s one of the most affordable options for local e-commerce businesses.

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